Lifetime: Episode 3

Language in Use: Suggesting and accepting / refusing, Useful expressions, Responses, In a pub
Grammar: The Present Simple tense, Wh- questions, like + -ing, Adverbs of frequency, some / any, Countable and uncountable nouns

Lifetime: Episode 8

Language in use: Dialogues, here is / there is, Useful expressions,
Grammar: The Present Simple tense, The Present Continuous tense, The Present Simple tense and the Present Continuous tense, Stative verbs, The Present Continuous tense with future meaning

Lifetime: Episode 9

Language in use: Useful expressions, just, Informal language — boys, girls and guys, this / some
Grammar: The Past Simple tense of “to be”, The Past Simple tense, The Future with will, The First conditional

Lifetime: Episode 10

Language in use: something to … / nothing to . . . , Talking o f . . . , Responses
Grammar: The Past Continuous tense, the Past Continuous tense and the Past Simple tense, when / while, Comparative and superlative adjectives, as … as